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We have come to the end of 2014 and like every year here is again a chance to look back and refresh our memory of the trending news of the year.  From the industry point of view, the aluminium industry has experienced some interesting twists and turns and also faced a number of controversies. The [...]

The global Aluminium industry organizes a number of significant events every year that open up avenues for knowledge & information sharing, network and brand building and business development. Since the aluminium industry worldwide is somewhat a close circle, these events serve as a platform to meet up with existing and potential associates and exchange ideas [...]

Aluminium, the most abundant metal on earth’s crust has touched human lives in a number of ways. According to the statistics from European Aluminium Association & CRU, the total primary aluminium consumption in the world was of 50.2 million tons in 2013 and it is growing every year. Due to its inherent qualities like infinite [...]

Obama’s 2010 mandate that obligates car manufacturers to double new-car average fuel economy by 2025 has pushed the car industry to produce more fuel efficient cars at a faster rate. Ford’s next F-150 — the US’s largest selling vehicle — is currently being redesigned and rebuilt with an all-aluminum body, a huge helping hand to [...]

Aluminum holds the distinction of being both the youngest and the most widely used among all the base nonferrous metals in the U.S. Aluminum is known to be a lightweight, ductile, malleable  and corrosion resistant metal, making it a popular choice with manufacturers. As with other nonferrous metals, aluminum is also inherently recyclable and recycled [...]

The prolonged price crunch in the global aluminium market is turning out to be a nightmare for the primary aluminium producers worldwide. Low market prices coupled with falling demand from Europe and some of the fastest growing emerging markets, China being the fulcrum, is pushing smelters world over into the operationally uneconomical zone. As if [...]

Before the 1980s, banking institutions weren’t allowed to own non-financial businesses — Congress wanted to reduce the risks banks take, as well as safeguard depositors. However, in the 1990s, Congress and the Federal Reserve’s rules were relaxed, soon permitting some banks to develop businesses in storing and transporting commodities. In 2010, Goldman Sachs bought Metro [...]

One area of the aluminium industry that doesn’t get talked about much is, what happens to a dead pot? In the normal scheme of things, the steel furnace in which pure aluminium is made will last somewhere between 5 and 10 years before the protective linings wear down too far.   At that time, the [...]

Before you start reading the blog below, consider the following THREE facts about aluminium and China: 1. China is now the world’s largest producer (> 50%) of primary aluminum using mostly (> 80%) coal-generated electricity; 2. Production of primary aluminum requires large quantity of electricity, and therefore emits a large quantity of GHG (12 tonnes [...]

Primary Aluminium History: People often think of aluminum as a cheap and plentiful metal, but 130 years ago aluminum was considered rare and expensive. According to the book “Chemical Principles,” refining aluminum from bauxite was so costly in the 19th century that the Washington Monument was given an aluminum tip to symbolize its value. In [...]

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