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Sustainability is the biggest challenge faced by the aluminium industry today. As a basic material, aluminium is intrinsically sustainable, because the basic properties of aluminium do not change during processing. It can be recycled repeatedly without any loss in quality and reused in manufacturing various products. However, the primary production process of aluminium is quite [...]

May 23, 2016
Posted By Phil Black ( Process and Environmental Consultant ) at 7:28 am

We can hardly imagine the technological advances that may take place in next ten years, let alone thirty years. But, our visions for the future, our dreams, can drive us to innovate and to take new paths towards sustainability in a technologically advanced world. While attending the AluSolutions 2016 conference and exhibition in Abu Dhabi from May 10-11, [...]

May 12, 2016
Posted By Gary J McNeish ( Independent Consultant ) at 6:27 am

We all know of the problem about stockpiling Red Mud or bauxite Residue. The dangers and disasters of red mud stockpiles are well documented along with the effect on the environment.  Alumina companies do not do much to reduce the estimated three Billion ton of Red Mud stockpiled that grows at an alarming rate of 77 [...]

April 27, 2016
Posted By Paul Lees ( Freelance contributor ) at 7:06 am

Aluminium prices have hit a six-month high in China following comments by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang that the country’s economy is showing signs of stabilizing. The metal, which is used in everything from soda cans to mobile phones, closed at 11,740 yuan ($1,804) per metric ton and ended a seven-month losing streak. Aluminium futures, meanwhile, [...]

February 12, 2016
Posted By Dipanwita Gupta ( In-house Author ) at 6:27 am

The year 2016 is on a roll and the global Aluminium industry has already woken up to a whole new bevy of challenges and opportunities. The market is abuzz with the news of price-premium volatility, demand-supply imbalances, consolidations and value chain integration, not to mention burgeoning end user sectors. To tide over these challenges and [...]

January 22, 2016
Posted By Dr Fiona Solomon ( Executive Director ASI ) at 6:32 am

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) was launched in 2012 to foster greater sustainability and transparency throughout the aluminium industry. Supported by key industry players, ASI is working with a broad base of stakeholders to assess industry-specific sustainability challenges, opportunities and needs. The COP 21 meetings in Paris in December 2015 have resulted in an agreement to keep [...]

December 22, 2015
Posted By Dipanwita Gupta ( In-house Author ) at 5:01 am

A lot has been said and written about the once mighty U.S. aluminium industry and how it has been hit badly by the recent spate of Chinese aluminium extrusions export. But it is not the only factor that has been driving the U.S. market down to economical non-viability; there is more to it. Here is [...]

December 1, 2015
Posted By Beethika Biswas ( Manager, Content & Media ) at 7:06 am

Vedanta ltd is trying hard to tackle multiple operational setbacks caused majorly by low metal price, rising debts and raw material scarcity. Vedanta has cut costs by as much as 25% throughout this market turmoil. Mr. Agarwal confirmed that the company will “tighten” capital spending and “do whatever is necessary” by way of innovation to survive this condition profitably. Vedanta is aiming at improving their core skill and technical expertise. However, unless the raw material security is assured in a market situation where metal price is at rock bottom, input costs are high and cheap imports are flooding the market, indigenous aluminium industry cannot grow in India.

November 6, 2015
Posted By Dipanwita Gupta ( In-house Author ) at 6:32 am

Global aluminium industry is visibly distressed. Aluminium prices on London Metal Exchange are yet to find a solid support – the fluctuating downward dip still continues; premiums have collapsed; supply is still in excess of the demand, and to the utter dismay of the biggest aluminium producers of the world, China is still not slowing [...]

October 14, 2015
Posted By H Mahadevan ( Vice President, IBAAS ) at 5:13 am

World aluminium production is at around 55 million tons, expected to grow at around 6.7% CAGR up to 2020, mainly due to the expected growth in India ~ 11%, China ~ 10%, Middle East ~ 8%, Brazil ~ 7%, Africa ~ 5% and return of growth in US (~ 4%). World alumina production is around [...]

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