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Aluminium Industry Trend & Analysis, Technology Review, Event Rundown and Much More …

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Efficient recycling of aluminium shavings

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A new technology for the recycling of aluminum shavings has received the “Environmental Technology Award Baden-Württemberg”.
With the Environment Ministry of Baden Württemberg prize awarded companies for particularly resource-saving and environmentally friendly products are excellent. In the category of “material efficiency” the Alpirsbach ARP GmbH & Co. KG for their ARP cyclone technology for efficient recycling of aluminum chips was excellent.

The ARP-cyclone technology reduces the recycling of aluminum, the burn-off loss and reduces energy consumption and hence CO2 emissions. When recycling and remelting of used aluminum shavings and trimmings such as directly into the processing plants on site usually a conventional oven is used. This leads to a significant erosion, thus a loss of material by burning and slagging – about three to five percent of the aluminum to be recycled will be lost. The new cyclone technology, focuses on accelerating the mixing of liquid metal and chips. The principle of the centrifugal separator for separating solid particles from currents is here reversed and used to carry the chips to be faster under the surface of the molten bath. For if the aluminum particles remain only a few seconds at the surface, there is an excessive oxide and slag formation. The liquid aluminum is placed in a furnace at a point in motion and forms a vortex or cyclone. In this maelstrom are now the cleaned, fed and controlled hot chips melted by the liquid medium. Three percent less burn 30 kg of additional yield correspond to recycle one ton of aluminum. With a plant capacity of 24 tons per day and an annual operating time of 330 days results in about 230 more tons of aluminum per year.

Source: Association of the Aluminium Industry

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