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Aluminium Industry Trend & Analysis, Technology Review, Event Rundown and Much More …

Aluminium Industry Trend & Analysis, Technology Review, Event Rundown and Much More …

AL Circle

AlCircle – A Virtual Aluminium Ecosystem: Your Doorstep to the Aluminium Value Chain

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Aluminium, the most abundant metal on earth’s crust has touched human lives in a number of ways. According to the statistics from European Aluminium Association & CRU, the total primary aluminium consumption in the world was of 50.2 million tons in 2013 and it is growing every year. Due to its inherent qualities like infinite recyclability, corrosion resistance, low density and high strength, the white metal is at the heart of today’s automotive, construction, industrial and packaging sector.

Considering the potential of aluminium in modern life and the growth of internet, online media and e-commerce, AlCircle, A Virtual aluminium Ecosystem was created by industry veterans and experts as an online platform for organizations and individuals within the aluminium ecosystem to collaborate, get information, conduct business and contribute to the growth of industry. Created with a vision to contribute to the advancement of use of aluminium as the sustainable material of choice and to change the way aluminium industry has been looked at so far, AlCircle has finally found its niche as one of the top aluminium portals among the global aluminium fraternity for news, information and business.

www.alcircle.com draws its essence from the concept of a Virtual Aluminium Ecosystem and covers the industry starting from bauxite mining to alumina refining and goes to aluminIum smelting, finished and semi-finished products and recycling. The portal aims to bring together the total aluminium ecosystem of raw material suppliers, lead producers, mid-stream and downstream product manufactures, recyclers, competitors and the end product consumers. The portal also has a lot offer towards the information needs of R&D professionals/ organizations, technical consultants, industry experts etc.

AlCircle lets you access news, event information, price update, directory data and business, service and HR leads along the five verticals of the aluminum industry…all on a single platform! While offering this array of services to the aluminium industry on an online platform, AlCircle has always made an effort to give the best user experience to its users. Recently, AlCircle has come up with a brand new website which is designed with a vertical specific layout and user-friendly interface with an aim to:

  • let our guests know who we are, what we do and what we offer in a much simpler way
  • make it easy for the users to browse through our services & features
  • give a better user experience by making our services specific and personalized

Here is a quick look at some of the features from the new site:

  • Vertical Specific Services: All the services provided by the company are carefully integrated within the 5 verticals of the aluminium value chain – Bauxite, Alumina, Primary Aluminium, Secondary Aluminium & Fabricated products. This has been done with an aim to offer customized services to industry specific players.
  • Responsive Website Design: The new site comes with a responsive website design. With the integration of this feature, our users can view our site on laptops, tablets and mobile phones with full functionalities.
  • All New News Section: With the new site we give our users added functionality like a customized search bar with more categories to find news that interests you. Along with that we are providing analytics based user information like Most Viewed News, Recently Viewed News and Related News.
  • Detailed Event Calendar: The new site gives you details about exhibitions, conferences and trade fairs related to the aluminium value chain segregated under Bauxite, Alumina, Primary aluminium, Secondary aluminium and Fabricated products.
  • Strategic Advertisement Slots:  The new site offers prominent and customized advertising slots for the companies with maximum visibility and accessibility.
  • The Bottom Menu: For a better user experience we have designed an all-inclusive bottom menu which will give you all the information about AlCircle and its services.

These features were added to enhance and provide support to the already existing service line of AlCircle. We have a Business Section where a user can access buy/sell leads from aluminium, post their own business requirements and post response to a lead. The globally visible platform offers business leads from the entire value chain of aluminium making way for conducting business online.

Our Report section is an online emporium or a virtual library for the aluminium industry enriched with statistics, market reports, research papers, articles etc. Users can browse through this knowledge hub, upload report in both free and paid category and enrich knowledge and information. It also acts as an affiliated marketing platform for market research companies to promote and sell their reports.

The Price section of the portal lets you know the daily Primary Aluminium Price updated from LME and SME Price charts.

However, AlCircle also has services like Interview , Blog, Corporate Page and Media Tie Up which are independent of the verticals.

The need of the hour is to develop an aluminium Industry specific portal to absorb increasing volume, width and depth of emerging business and AlCircle aims to provide you with the ultimate solution to all your development needs in one place.  If you are still looking for the right platform to fulfill your daily information and business needs and highlight your company, www.alcircle.com could be an apt choice for the same.

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