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Aluminium Industry Trend & Analysis, Technology Review, Event Rundown and Much More …

Aluminium Industry Trend & Analysis, Technology Review, Event Rundown and Much More …

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IBAAS-2014: International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society Conference

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During the past few decades, application areas for aluminium have steadily expanded. The metal’s properties like recyclability, non-corrosiveness, low density and high strength benefit the industrial, construction and manufacturing sector in a number of ways. Aluminium production is rapidly developing all over the world and the growth of the industry in a specific country is being reckoned as an index of economic growth of the country. This is evident from the developments of aluminium industry in China, India and Brazil. Several other countries like Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Guinea are orienting their economy in these directions and proposing to invest huge amounts into the development of the Bauxite-Alumina industry.

International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society (IBAAS) was set up in India by professionals active in various fields of aluminium industry. While the basic technology of Bayer process of alumina production and Hall–Heroult process of smelting are well known over a Century, continuous innovations are being carried out in the directions of new processes, optimisation of material and energy consumption, emissions and environmental challenges for the sustainable growth of the industry.

The main objectives of setting International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society (IBAAS) are as follows:

  • Provide platform for aluminium industry professionals to interact and work together with common goals for development.
  • Organise annual and bi-annual workshop, seminars and conferences in association with primary aluminium producers and/or R&D centres to decimate the knowledge available all over the world
  • Promote latest technology and advertise products and equipment.
  • Publish, papers, monographs and books to highlight latest achievements in the field
  • Facilitate technology transfer and compile a list of experts available in the field  

In order to meet these goals the IBAAS members frequently participate in International conferences, hold meetings with global experts, identify the theme topics and collaborate with organisers of other International conferences. IBAAS has successfully organized following two International events in 2012 and 2013.

  1. IBAAS – 2012: First International symposium of IBAAS on the topic ’Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium Industry of Asia – Vision 2020’, December 3-5, 2012 in association with JNARDDC (Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development & Design Centre) in Nagpur, India with a special emphasize on non metallurgical bauxites and alumina products.
  1. IBAAS – 2013- Second International symposium of IBAAS on the topic “Present Status and Future Prospects of Bauxite- Alumina and Aluminium Industry of the World, with Special Reference to China”, November 28-30, 2013 in association with CHALIECO (China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd.) and ANTAIKE (Beijing Antaike Information Development Co., Ltd) in Nanning, Guangxi, China.

The above two International events were highly successful and evoked wide interest of Aluminium industry and experts on bauxite, alumina and aluminium from all over the world.  In continuation of above two conferences, this year IBAAS is organising third International event IBAAS-2014 in Visakhapatnam, India during November 27-29, 2014. The title of the third International IBAAS – 2014 conference is “Technological Improvements & Market Developments in Aluminium Industry with Special Reference to Value Added Products of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium” 

In the present scenario where we have a highly fluctuating LME aluminium price; the low aluminium price trend in the global market necessitates upgradation of alumina technology and smelting process for enhanced productivity and reduced cost of production. In this sphere, Chinese and Indian aluminium industries and R&D centres are intensively working and IBAAS feels that it is necessary to highlight these achievements on a global platform. With 3 new alumina refineries of HINDALCO, VEDANTA and ANRAK and 4th (Aditya Alumina) under planning in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh and a series of other new smelters, India has become the second largest hub for the production of alumina and aluminium in Asia.

Apart from general papers and presentation on Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Industry of the World, following special sessions will be organised during this 3 days symposium:


  • Raw materials security for aluminium industry
  • Future Trends in Non-metallurgical Bauxite Industries
  • Waste Management & Utilization
  • Innovations in Alumina Refining
  • Developments in Special Alumina and Alumina ceramics
  • Technology upgradation & Innovations in Aluminium Smelting
  • Future Trends in Alumina & Aluminium Markets
  • Challenges to sustained Aluminium downstream products
  • Analytical techniques in Aluminium Industry
  • Environment Management & Sustainable Developments

The organising committee of International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society (IBAAS 2014), invites aluminium industry players to present papers on the latest developments taking place in Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium, various problems / prospects faced by the industry and its future growth potential in the 3rd International symposium of IBAAS. It is expected that under the new Government regime of India, aluminium industry will get special impetus and industry will grow rapidly.

(Please contact info@ibaas.info for further details or visit website Web site: http://www.ibaas.info/ )


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About Dr. Ashok Nandi

Dr. Ashok Nandi, Secretary International Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium Society (IBAAS) ashok.nandi@ibaas.info; info@ibaas.info Web site: http://www.ibaas.info/

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